So the assignment on Thursday was to go and make a substantial edit on Wikipedia to see if it could last through Saturday (today). Well it just so happens I had gone in on the Tuesday before and was playing around with the concept of trying to find a topic to edit – so I figured beanies were pretty obscure. I went to the page, skimmed over it looking for something quirky to add in and there it was

“The beanie cap is typically made of wool or felt and…”

Of course this was my opportunity to add in the velvet beanie

“The beanie cap is typically made of wool felt velvet and…”

However, upon receiving the assignment in class I knew I had to go in to try and make a more substantial edit. So I went in and made up this whole story about velvet beanies that went something like this…

“In recent years beanie production has adapted to warmer climates. Now considered to be a trending fashion item in South America, manufacturers have utilized the use of velvet to produce a beanie that is much more tolerable in warmer climates. Cross thatching is often used to allow for extra heat release which is coupled with stressed velvet in order to keep the user cool and fashionable.”

On top of that, in order to provide some sort of a reference I even created a YouTube video in order try and get it past the Wiki editors, it went something like this…

Unfortunately, it failed…miserably. Within 24 hours. Congrats to the Wiki editors for being on top of their game. BUT! Victory still stands thanks to the velvet beanie possibility

Velvet Beanie Victory...kind of