Wikipedia – never really understood the basics of it until about an hour ago. It’s a pretty fascinating concept and the fact that almost half the content is generated by 1% of the users is simply mind boggling. I think I’d enjoy meeting one of those few elite Wikipedians.

One neat aspect of this wikipedia is the discussion button at the top (I had never noticed it before). You can actually go in and see disputes over certain bits of content under an article and see the debate that takes place. One of the most interesting and perhaps professional article debates takes place on the 9/11 discussion page. Before anyone really gets to discussing specific points, one of the editors addresses everyone throwing out his proposed edits all at once in order to organize and initiate. Within his letter he

  1. States what he believes needs to be change
  2. States specific sources in order to back up why he wants something changed
  3. States his credentials in case a dispute arises over validity

Though too long to quote, I highly recommend that everyone read his letter and take note of the professionalism involved. And this isn’t the only discussion page that is like this, a majority of the discussion pages all exhibit high levels of rhetoric and utilize specific sources in order to debate for a change.