(In Progress)

The Panopticon may seem like a brilliant architectural Valhalla. How ever, now we must face the newest in opticon designs – the Non-Opticon. With improved sneaking capabilities, this new idea is the ultimate in the line of self-policing strategies. With the capability to go completely undetected, the government watches you without giving the notion that you’re being tracked through a virtual world, comparable to the capabilities of our stealth reconnaissance jets. Perhaps this may come across as a terrifying idea to the everyday law abiding citizen. However, to most peons, fear of the government spying on web activities shouldn’t exist. The government simply doesn’t have enough employees to go through and sort through what is being viewed. Granted they do have computer systems that are developing the capabilities to (and they will eventually utilize them), but for the most part they simply don’t care about the YouTube videos you view, the porn sites you visit or the anti-government rants you post on your hate blog. We do need to understand though a majority of what they’re keeping track of is a preventative measure to help lower internet crime and to signal indications to officials of people that may commit crimes (by understanding what they’re searching for on the internet).