Since the beginning of the web we have seen a gradual destruction of certain events within our everyday lives. Many of these you can find here. However, I personally have experienced the decommission of several affairs.

atom bomb

1. College Visits – I highly suggest that if you have a high schooler sibling and a money saving parent that you do not show them how to use Google’s Street View technology. With this new ability to get an eye-level view on practically any street you can gain a fairly realistic feel for a college campus and/or college town. Granted it’s not the exact same as the real thing  – the lack of a face to face meeting with an admissions advisor, no purchasing of college apparel, but as I stated, if you have a money saving parent just don’t go there.

2. The Dictionary – I can’t remember the last time I flipped through the actual pages of a dictionary. Why do that when is so much easier? Plus it has a variety of others tools readily available like the instant thesaurus,  encyclopedia and translator.

3. CDs (music) – I literally have not purchased a cd since 6th grade. YouTube, iTunes, Frostwire, Limewire. I type in the song I want and I have it. Simple as that.