Trying to get through the assigned reading by Andrew Keen was torture. Within the first two paragraphs I was ready to go check my facebook page, check out a new website and send a text. I was able to focus a little bit more once I started paying attention to what the chapter was saying, but within 15 minutes I found myself looking around my room, thinking about three other projects I have coming up and meeting with other friends. I honestly don’t consider myself to be scatterbrained or unfocused 99% of the time, but now I’m reconsidering.

However, it was rather interesting after taking a mental break (one where I drift off into other thoughts for a minute or two), I was able to catch myself and go right back to the same spot in the reading and recall exactly what point was being made. So perhaps this is the future for at least my brain. A weak form of attempted multitasking that has the ability to catch right back up to where it left off.

Thougths: I want my brain to be able to accept this new media, but also have the ability to focus on command.

Conclusion: I need to read more books, in a chair, not with a laptop nearby.